Losing religion, finding God

A common story many Christians, consciously or unconsciously, devised in attempt to mute the uncomfortable doubts about their faith is the story that doubts are mere tricks from Satan, attempting to lure you away from God.   Actually, your doubts are born from an innocent part of you recognizing dishonesty and superstition in yourself.  Thus, it would be more accurate to say the doubts are from God.  You are now being called to release your limited, safe stories so that you may find the Truth and experience that God is good and not just know that intellectually.  Paradoxically, you may find that now, years later, your stories are all that’s keeping you from experiencing exactly that which you were hoping to gain when you created them:  Answers, Peace, Purpose, Acceptance, Love, Truth… God.

You’ve read in the Bible that God is good.  As long as you remain identified with your stories, that Goodness cannot be experienced.   By keeping your stories, the notion that “God is good” can only be known superficially, and the realness of the Goodness, the greatness and depth of It will be missed.  You do not experience God, experience Love, until you bring yourself to It, all of yourself, including the part of you that feels uncomfortable about blindly accepting the implausible stories of your religion, the part of you that doubts God’s existence, the part of you that questions what you were taught to believe.  Something Big inside of you knows of a greater Truth and it’s urging you to address it, not for its sake, but for Your sake, so that you might be free of doubt, heal, grow, prosper, and connect with Life much more profoundly, creating heaven on earth.  Through a process of introspection and self-honesty, this book can guide you to authentically align with the Bible without any vestiges of denial, avoidance, or doubt.  “The truth will set you free,” the Bible says.  This is referring to the Truth about humanity, the Truth about what we know (and don’t know) about life & death, the Truth about you.

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