verbal abuse

Many people label certain behavior as verbal (or emotional) abuse: manipulating, shouting, silent treatment, blaming, accusing, judging, criticizing, etc.

But when verbal abuse is seen for what it truly is – the acting out of someone’s pain and fear – and no longer taken personally by the recipient, it ceases to be verbal abuse.

When I realize deeply that another person’s angry opinion has nothing to do with me, and when I realize I don’t share their opinion about me, that I disagree, it stops feeling hurtful.  And when it no longer hurts, I am able to see that there’s an stressed or unhappy person standing in front of me.  I am able to see a human who is having a painful reaction to something inside their own mind.

Labeling their words as “verbal abusive” doesn’t fit anymore.  I no longer see them as a perpetrator, or desire to condemn them for their behavior.  All of that gets transmuted into compassion.


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