envy & jealousy

Envy or jealousy are experienced by many as deeply painful, or even disturbing feelings.  Thus, many people avoid them each time they come up.

Transmute the icky feeling of envy/jealousy by acknowledging them for the gifts they are to you.  They are like compasses, ready to point to what you want (and how it is attainable for you, if only you’d be still long enough to take a listen).

Instead of remaining stuck in the vicious cycle of envy, step out.  Do something about those feelings.  Admit, “I want what they’ve got,” and then ask big questions like, “What’s possible for me in this area?”;  “What is one actionable step I can take to create that outcome?”; “What does my heart want, really, in order to feel fulfilled?”

To be in these questions is to be creative and alive.  Don’t stay stuck in envy.  It’s just one step in a much larger process and is designed to be an insightful experience, one of the many steps leading to your unfoldment as a human being.

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