The truth will set you free

It has been said the truth will set you free.   At a certain point in one’s life, this will occur as poor advice.  Indeed, sometimes saying the truth will do the opposite of setting you free!  You might find yourself in hot water with some unhappy people!

And yet there comes a time when protecting oneself – hiding and lying and covering up – in order to get by with people will come at a price greater than any unwanted consequence you had been trying so hard to prevent.   Now, the truth can set you free.

It is actually the full truth, or in another word, honesty, that will set you free.   What is honesty?  Your truth, the truth about your feelings, your intentions, your fears and your heart’s deepest desires.  This is your authenticity, a very powerful principle.

Un-peel the layers of your life’s onion and unpack your past, your regret, your guilt about the decisions you made and the things you said and did.  See how you were really to blame for nothing.  It wasn’t your fault.  You were scared, misguided, ignorant. That is the truth you’ll discover.  It wasn’t your fault, and it isn’t ugly or shameful.  It is understandable, worthy of compassion, and it all makes perfect sense.

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