Attachment and a perceived sense of lack breeds reactivity and poor decision making

When we are attached to an outcome, meaning, when we believe we need something to happen (or not happen) in order to be alright, we become prone to making hasty decisions.  Coming from that place of perceived lack, we may abandon our heart’s true desire and grab the first thing that comes along.   In other words, we settle.

I have observed this sabotage people’s ability to pick romantic partners, investments, and job offers, to name a few.  The thought process often goes something like, “I don’t know when a better opportunity will come along so I had better take this one.”  This is a reaction to fear.  Learn how to be comfortable with uncertainty.   Become available to that which you truly want, and then WAIT for that.  Take only the actions that support precisely the outcome you’d like to create.   This is the difference between a reaction, which is driven by fear and leaves us feeling disempowered, and action, which is possible when the sense of urgency is gone and in its place a feeling of contentedness.

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