Affirmations for stable, graceful living

I am aware that I can handle whatever may come up and greet it with acceptance, grace and right action.

I see the goodness and the innocence in people. Their fears don’t need to affect me.

I am a warm, loving presence capable of generating my own stability regardless of external circumstances.

I hold space big enough to fit anything inside.  I let go of reacting, and I act powerfully and intentionally.  I am mindful and strategic and poised.

I practice understanding myself, and I practice self-forgiveness actively.

I don’t have to worry about the future; it will take care of itself once it arrives.

I am right where I should be.

I know the futility and anxiety in trying to solve a problem that, so far, only exists in the mind.

I feel joy and appreciation for ALL of life’s experiences, the “good” and the “bad.”  The pain or set-backs I experience have proven to make me stronger, for myself and for my clients I teach.

I know deeply that mistakes are not mistakes until I decide they are so.  Until then, they are opportunities.  I have learned this and it is real.

My old fears and patterns may pull me away from peace occasionally, but I will always find my way back to trusting my own experiences, trusting myself.

I have truly been, on most occasions, someone who I would like, if I met her.

I am honest.  I know the truth sets us free.  I let go of the need to hide.  I am transparent and open and live a life of integrity.

There exists no person who’s been spared the experience of fear, insecurity and shame.  We are the same. Moreover, people have overcome these burdens which means it’s possible for me as well.

I know how to do what is healthy for me and respectful of others.

I know how to say No.

I know how to meet my own emotional needs.

I know how to take a minute of space, check in with my feelings and then take action to create the outcomes I want.  I don’t have to sacrifice everything in order to ensure someone doesn’t get angry at me.

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