Look around your room. The threat you’re concerned with, where is it in the room? Now look outside – is it there? Can you point to it?
Or is everything still and calm, maybe even interesting and beautiful?
Let the Truth – reality without assumptions – bring you back to peace and creativity.

If a catastrophe is coming in the future, you’ll be able to take action when it arises. But there’s not much you can do to combat a catastrophe that only exists as a thought! How can you do anything about a thought, something that isn’t even happening. It’s like swinging the bat, with no ball in the air to hit.

Say something true and positive to yourself aloud.
Be a loving parent to yourself.
Don’t follow the rabbit hole down into negativity, not without first finding the lies – the assumptions and opinions – that pretend to be a scary reality, yet are no more than a story, not reality at all.

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