What we now call ego, we once called wisdom

Oftentimes what we call our ego, our blocker to salvation, is what our ancestors (or even a younger version of ourselves) called wisdom.
For example, a mother raising her daughter to set aside her own emotional needs in order to care for the emotional needs of others was conceivably necessary for surviving, or even thriving, at one point in history.

Changing these worn out patterns when they expire – when they become hindrances instead of helpers – can be difficult, but the expired wisdom and the caregivers who passed it on to you aren’t to blame. They/you didn’t know you’d have these new aspirations, and they didn’t live in the same world in which you’re living today. Similarly, an earlier version of yourself is not to blame either. Those patterns were either built on ignorance (and how can you blame yourself for anything you didn’t know or had not learned yet) or you acquired the patterns to manage real threats in order to keep yourself safe.

You may be embarking on a new journey to overcome this expired wisdom called the ego, but even as it is dying off, it is cheering you on.  After all, it only ever wanted your needs to be met.

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