Narcissism | Not a four-letter word

I hear lately a lot of buzz about narcissism.  It seems to be a focus in pop culture right now.  Many people I coach come to tell me about their narcissist ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.  Most people hiss the word as they use it to judge and then label a person.  “He’s a narcissist – I know it!”
What is driving you to use a label like “narcissist”?  Consider it’s your own narcissistic injury that was just bumped by the narcissist who, like you, is merely a hurt person with an agenda, acting out his own pain.
What is it in you that is so bothered by the narcissist? With a soft & non-judgmental eye, take a look within.  Once you can spot the narcissistic injuries in yourself, the narcissistic injuries in others become apparent and very visible.  Narcissism stops being a so-called four-letter word, and one can begin to see narcissists with as much compassion as we would, say, a homeless person or a physically disabled person.

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