Receiving feedback

Many of my clients experience anxiety before receiving feedback from friends, colleagues, their employer or spouses.
I asked them what they are afraid of most? People said, “criticism,” but when we dug deeper, people were most afraid they wouldn’t know how to respond in the face of receiving criticism.

Instead of fight, flight or freeze…stay present. Represent yourself. Be FOR yourself. You don’t have to abandon yourself during these conversations.

Here are some ideas for responses:

“Ahh yes. I agree. I’ve done that. I also would like to improve in that area!”
“Oh how interesting. I have a totally different experience of myself!”
“That’s actually something I like very much about myself – here’s why…”
“Could you provide me with an example? I don’t remember myself doing that.”
“I feel a little misunderstood. Could I explain my rationale here? I think it’ll become clearer if I do.”

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