All that knowledge

I was talking with an intelligent man who knew a lot, about many different topics and subjects.

When we sat together, he did most of the talking. In the course of his conversation to me, he referenced names, historical figures, memorized factoids and pop culture. He’d ask, “Have you heard of___,” or, “Do you know what ___ is?”
Most of the time, my answer was, “No.”

Before he got up to leave, he referenced a famous quote from a popular book that I hadn’t read or heard of. He told me what book the line was from, and gave me a quick tutorial on how to reference this famous line in a way that would make sense to an audience.

He said, “Aren’t you glad I told you? Now the next time it comes up in a conversation, you won’t feel dumb. You’ll be able to keep up!”

He was unaware that he was projecting; I don’t feel dumb when I don’t know something that others already know.

No one can know everything. And no one knows what they don’t know… until they learn it! Paradoxically, it would be un-intelligent to try and know everything, which is impossible, or to feel shame at not knowing that which you simply haven’t learned yet.

To he who is driven to acquiring knowledge:

If you believe that’s what you must achieve before you can unconditionally trust yourself in any conversation with any human… if you need to know you’re intellectually equal with another person before you feel confident engaging him… if you need a high IQ before you can feel like you’ve arrived, then quite paradoxically, you may wait forever to actually be intelligent.

Make peace with the truth about yourself – what you know and what you don’t know – and watch the barriers come down around your self-expression.
Enter any conversation with any human feeling already fully prepared; watch the need for preparation dissolve altogether; watch yourself become empowered to create with anyone, at any time.
No walls, no barriers, just an open heart with peace in your mind. You’re enough. Just as you are.

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