Life Partner | A Poem

Only the self-accused condemn.

Life Partner, your guilty secret is nothing.

There was nothing to forgive.

My renewed Love is without an opposite; I smile now on all that you are.

And all that you aren’t.

And all that you aren’t yet.

And all that you aren’t, I hope you become, if and only if it’s what you wish for yourself.

I have no use for punishment and still somehow justice is among us.

I don’t want to force out the darkness.

I bring in the light.

This Love, so holy, it calls to everyone I meet. It calls them to escape from loneliness and join in this empowered place.

This place where the truth is enough.

Where I am, everyone seeks.

The place where I trust myself completely.

No longer am I something I must try to remember.

May they all find me here.

-Melissa Lieb
Inspired by readings from A Course in Miracles

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