Melissa creates a comfortable atmosphere to be honest, without judgment as you grow beyond your fears and limitations so that you might discover the power in your vulnerability, and attain inner peace and spiritual freedom.  You will learn how to first be, then do, then have all your heart truly longs for.

With prior professional experience in the corporate world, Melissa can provide coaching on communication, proven tools and attainable skills that pave the way for healthier relationships, personal and professional. She is called to be a beneficial presence in the lives of people suffering from the issues she’s personally experienced and transcended.

Influences & Approach:  Cognitive Behavioral; Gestalt; Imago Relationship Therapy; group sharing; 12-step programs; spiritual principles; Brene Brown; Dr. Harville Hendrix; Carl Jung; Marshall Rosenberg; Don Miguel Ruiz; Colin Tipping; Eckhart Tolle; Dr. Shefali Tsabary