I recently saw Melissa for the first time and the experience was nothing but positive and affirming. Although I always get nervous meeting with a new potential life-coach or counselor, Melissa conveyed and carried a sense of comfort that I didn’t expect. She was able to create a space where I felt safe and encouraged to share about myself in the most honest terms possible. During the session, Melissa was critically engaged – offering suggestions, asking clarifying questions, and clearly thinking through what I was saying. However, the skill Melissa excels most at, and has provided me the most help with, is re-framing. After I would talk through feelings or tell an anecdote Melissa would often respond by offering a completely different interpretation. This is not to say she is ‘off-base’ or that I disagreed – quite the opposite. In fact, Melissa’s expert skill in re-framing helped me to see myself and my thoughts from a much more holistic perspective, stripping away the anxieties and negative narratives that we all unconsciously rely on to interpret our experiences. As someone who has struggled with anxiety for quite a long time, Melissa’s skill in this area has left an immeasurably positive impact on my life. If you are looking for a life coach, my advice is to do yourself a favor and reach out to Melissa.Daniel

Melissa has made the world far smaller and less frightening for me. Through her work, I became fearlessly real with myself. I was working two jobs and going to school to become a healer—I ejected myself from all of it. (Well, most of it. I kept one job because I asked for a raise and got it. Now, I have more time feeding my heart and less time giving inauthentically.) Melissa is incredibly gifted. She will soften the room with one gentle, yet surgical, look of understanding… so you can understand yourself.Suzanna

Melissa is a very honest, warm, loving coach, very understanding and patient. She teaches love in a new, beautiful way. Her approach is all about helping clients experience an authentic life. She will bring great stuff! I recommend her services one-on-one or with couples.Kami
I have been in therapy at different times for different reasons throughout my life. I go when I need to deal with something troubling or sad or I need guidance. A few years ago I was having a bad time due to some family trials and tribulations. I knew I had to change the way I was letting myself feel about the situation and also find a way to make me realize things would improve. But I couldn’t. I saw a few professionals-a therapist and a psychiatrist. What they said to me were things I already knew in my head and heart. I knew they were giving me helpful advice and trying to help me. But it wasn’t working. As soon as I left their office I would go back into my depth of depression and hurt and hopelessness. Then I saw Melissa lieb. She spoke to me with clarity and kindness and compassion. She also gave me some advise and for some reason, her words and her empathy and advice stuck with me and for the first time, after seeing other therapists, Melissa’s words were working. I looked at my situation from a different perspective and saw things with a new clarity that I had not before. I have never in my 30 years of seeing therapists on and off for various situational dealings have found such inner peace and a lightness at the end of the tunnel.
Melissa is a genuinely caring person who through years of training and therapy, sees things in the most healthiest, compassionate way. I would recommend her to friends and family who need guidance or help in dealing with life problems and circumstances.Tina
All my life, I was taught to that to be smaller was to be safer. I was afraid of my own feelings and needs, and definitely wasn’t asking for them to be met. In the short time I’ve known Melissa, my recovery has exploded. The world is expansive with “only possibilities, never problems.” I’ve realized that being stuck in my mindset of what is wrong about my feelings has seeped into my relationships. Now that I have compassion for my feelings, and can see them as information for action, I don’t take other people’s feelings personally as often. I’m still a work in progress, but receiving Melissa’s hope and experience has sowed a desperately needed seed of self-love. Today, my life is full of possibility and hope, and I can’t thank Melissa enough for that gift.Dani